Netizens not sold on railings erected to prevent football playing in void deck

The railings are removable for weddings and funerals though.

Jonathan Lim| February 25, 04:09 PM

Following a mini online uproar in reaction to a photograph of a series of railings installed across the area of a void deck in Queenstown, The Straits Times reported on Wednesday that the Tanjong Pagar Town Council had the railings erected to deter people from playing football there.

The image, taken at Block 143, Mei Ling Street, was initially shared on Facebook with a caption lamenting how the railings have transformed the void deck into a 'dead space'.

A spokesperson for the town council said that aside from dirtying walls, making noise, and damaging light fixtures, the people playing football did not stop doing so even after being told to.

The spokesperson added that the railings installed are removable for weddings and funerals.

When asked by ST about the non-removable railings found nearby at Block 181 Stirling Road, the spokesperson explained that residents "had feedback about the inconvenience of walking to the MRT station when events were held at this location. After discussion with the RC, we put up these permanent railings to discourage (such) activities as this is the residents' short-cut route to the MRT station."

The spokesperson encouraged people who wanted to play ball games to utilise "the proper amenities which are available nearby."

Judging by the top voted comments on ST's Facebook post on this issue, netizens don't appear to be altogether satisfied with the town council's explanation:

void deck football 0

void deck football 2

void deck football 3


Top photo by Victor Yeo

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