Heads up, Singapore Airshow visitors: Public transport will cost you an arm and a leg

$10 surcharge for taxis (and you can forget about booking anything), no cycling and a shuttle bus ride will cost you $8.

Jeanette Tan| February 17, 11:54 AM

It looks like it's going to cost you more than the price of your ticket to get to and from the Singapore Airshow, that just started on Tuesday.

Its trade days are on until Friday, while Saturday and Sunday will see the show opening to the public. For those of you who are going on the weekdays this week, and are not driving there, it's worth noting these facts:


1. If you plan to take a taxi, you can't book any. And there's a $10 surcharge.

Screenshot from Singapore Airshow website Screenshot from Singapore Airshow website

Yep, no Uber anything, no Grab anything; you can't even book a taxi using any of the apps at your disposal. Even if you did try to book a ride, your car or taxi will be stopped at the entrance and won't be allowed to pick you up.

And if you thought the alternative, a shuttle bus that takes you to Expo MRT or Fairmont/Swissotel/Marina Mandarin/Pan Pacific hotels, makes more sense:


2. Shuttle bus services cost either $8 (to Expo) or $10 (to the hotels).

Screenshot from Singapore Airshow website Screenshot from Singapore Airshow website

And in case you think it makes sense to get a ride into the city, we doubt you'll be allowed to board the hotel shuttles if you aren't staying there.

Screenshot from Airshow website Screenshot from Airshow website

So this means you're either paying $8 to travel to somewhere, where you still have to pay more money to travel to where you are going, or pay $10 on top of your taxi fare (which chances are won't be small)...

And according to these folks, queue for at least an hour to board:

planning Singapore Airshow. Look at the taxi queue. Been in line for over 45mins and still not moving. Please do something about it

Posted by Oliver Stewart on Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Events makes Singapore a disgrace because we cannot even solve a simple problem like getting taxis into the...

Posted by Sophia Huang on Tuesday, 16 February 2016


By the way, a report from Today also highlighted that folks on bicycles or other small wheeled vehicles that aren't cars or motorbikes were turned away from the airshow compound — so you can banish the thought of that if you were hoping to take advantage of a loophole somewhere.

Perhaps we should be thankful that this gross profiteering at the airshow by organiser Experia Events won't entirely be happening on public days — if you bought a ticket for this weekend's show days, you'll notice your ticket entitles you to board the airshow shuttle buses to and from Singapore Expo for free.

That $10 taxi surcharge, as well as the no-booking-anything rule, though, still applies.

Have fun at the Airshow, folks — you've been warned.


Top photo from Oliver Stewart on the Official Singapore Airshow's Facebook page.

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