It's official: Khaw Boon Wan & Henry Thia are different people

As both were spotted in same room at same time.

Belmont Lay| December 08, 11:46 AM

For all those who have always said a certain comedian/ actor and a Cabinet minister were one and the same person and wondered out loud if there was a functional difference in their roles, booms:

it has finally happened!?: Jaro Gee

Posted by Kelvin Ang on Monday, December 7, 2015


It is official: Both Henry Thia the comedian/ actor and Khaw Boon Wan the transport minister are, in fact, two different people.

Both of them were photographed side by side together in the same room, laying to rest the belief that they are the same person.

On the other hand, have you ever seen your wife/ girlfriend in the same room as the Devil?

For those who are curious, the above photo showing both men together was apparently taken at Khaw Boon Wan's birthday celebration.

His birthday is on Dec. 8. Happy 63rd birthday!


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