This video of four soon-to-be-demolished HDB flats in Siglap will give you the feels


Tan Xing Qi| November 16, 04:40 PM

Nestled in the junction of Siglap Road and East Coast Road, four HDB flats stood amongst its well-heeled neighbours in Siglap for the past 51 years.

But the blocks won't live to see their 52nd birthday.

In the name of progress and upgrading, these blocks, which also serve as a form of physical connection to Singapore's humble past, will be gone. According to The Straits Times article on May 17, 2013, the four blocks will be demolished under HDB's Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme. Residents will be offered units at Chai Chee.

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And for posterity, iRememberSG shot a video chronicling the story of these five-storey blocks, built after a fire on Chinese New Year's Day in 1962 that burnt attap huts to the ground, the bonds and friendships forged and the pain of losing something these residents hold dear for the past 51 years.


href="">Memory Makers: The Four HDB Blocks of Siglap“This place was once burnt down.” Metaphorically, it was no child’s play but that was literally true for Siglap’s big fire in 1962. Today, Mr Lim’s old movie ticket is a sentimental momento that reminds him of one of Singapore’s first public housing. Farewell, the four HDB blocks of Siglap. #sgmemory

Posted by irememberSG on Sunday, 15 November 2015




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