Sandflies are sucking the blood out of Coney Island visitors

Rustic Coney Island is rustic.

Tan Xing Qi| November 04, 08:49 AM

The next time you visit Coney Island, be sure to cover up.

Channel 8 News reported that visitors to the newly-opened island have been bitten by sandflies. Numerous netizens also took to Facebook to warn about the bloodsucking inhabitants of the island.

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True to its name, sandflies are usually found near sandy areas like the beach. There are five beach areas (circled) on the 50-ha island.

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For those who have served the nation, you are surely well acquainted with sandflies. The appearance of such love bites from these flies are not unlike mosquito bites.

The difference? The bites come in a package, are nth times itchier than mosquito bites and can spread like wildfire if scratched.

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A blogger also chronicled his experience with the sandflies on Coney Island, noting that he and his wife were bitten.

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Another warned that beach area C is infected with sandflies.

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The bloodsuckers, as compared to mozzies, are smaller in size, making it difficult for people to avoid them. Usually, those bitten will not know until a few hours later when they feel an intolerable itch on their skin.

Come to think about it, the prevalence of sandflies is not unusual for, one,  Nparks said that Coney Island Park was "built on the principles of environment sustainability", which means that parts of the island were not touched by humans.

And, two, it's nature after all.

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Just remember to cover yourself up and load up on the insect repellent when you visit Coney Island.


Top photo via NParks

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