WP’s first-time candidate Dennis Tan likely to be one of the new Non-Constituency MPs in next parliament

Tan lost by 3,240 votes.

By Martino Tan | September 12, 2015

Top photo by Edwin Koo.

On July 1, 2010, the maximum number of Non-Constituency Members of Parliament (NCMPs) increased from six to nine.

Following a general election, the actual number of NCMPs that would be declared elected would be nine less the number of opposition MPs elected into Parliament.

If Workers’ Party (WP) were to retain the seats in Aljunied GRC (five seats) and Hougang SMC (one seat), the three best losers are likely to be Lee Li-Lian (Punggol East SMC), Gerald Giam (leader of the East Coast GRC), and Dennis Tan (Fengshan SMC).

Tan lost to first-time People’s Action Party (PAP) candidate Cheryl Chan with a vote share of 42.48%.

Fengshan SMC Cheryl Chan

Who is Dennis Tan?

Shipping lawyer Dennis Tan, 44, is the part of the WP Executive Council Member and Vice Chair for the Media Team.

He had his early education at Nanyang Primary School, Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College.

According to the WP website, Tan started volunteering with the WP in the 2011 GE with the party’s campaign in the former Joo Chiat SMC.

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