S’pore blogger gave blow-by-blow live-blog critique of wedding she was at, post goes viral overseas

Not sure if she will be invited to any more weddings for the time being.

Jonathan Lim | September 29, 2015 @ 04:02 pm


A Singapore blogger known as Juli / Bun Bun Make Up Tips live-blogged about a wedding she had attended on 26 September, critiquing various aspects of the event.

The blog post, titled Wedding Expectations, caught the attention of at least three different UK-based news sites – Daily Mail, Metro UK, and the Mirror – and drew the ire of readers.

The blogger was invited to the wedding because her husband is a ‘good friend’ of the groom. The husband, presumably one of the groomsmen, sent photographs of the day’s proceedings to the blogger.

She then posted the photos and critiqued things such as the bridal bouquet, bride’s gown, bridal car decorations, among other things. She did qualify that she felt that the wedding couple were ripped off, but it seems her comments rubbed readers the wrong way.

She has since removed a chunk of the post detailing the wedding, stating, “I don’t want people taking my words out of context.”

However, screenshots of her comments have been circulating. Here they are:

She was allaying worries that the bride and groom may read what she blog because “they don’t read Dayre”:

juli bun bun screenshot 1

Critiquing the bridal car decoration:

juli bun bun screenshot a

juli bun bun screenshot 2

She also criticised the work done by the bride’s make up artist and hair stylist, emphasising that it was “the bridal shop’s fault”:juli bun bun screenshot 3

Additionally, she claimed that people driving past the bridal car and looking in, were looking at her instead of the bride:

juli bun bun screenshot b

Amid the live-blogging, she also posted a photograph of her own hair and make up:

juli bun bun screenshot c

Live-blogging some of the hiccups on the day’s proceedings:

juli bun bun screenshot f

She then said the bride’s hand bouquet look something more suited to what bridesmaids should be holding, and followed up with a photograph of her own wedding with her hand bouquet:

juli bun bun screenshot d

juli bun bun screenshot 4

She qualified that the wedding couple may have been ripped off. She also said that they did not heed her advice because she’s a blogger:

juli bun bun screenshot 5

juli bun bun screenshot 6

Ripped off or not, she felt that the wedding couple should have given a speech at the banquet and that the emcees for the evening could have been better:

juli bun bun screenshot e

Her post, which featured on the Daily Mail, was not well-received by its readers. Here are some of the comments:

juli bun bun 3 juli bun bun 2 juli bun bun 1

The post where she critiqued the wedding remains online, but is only left with a selfie photograph depicting her hair and make up for the day.


Screenshots from the Daily Mail.

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