5 observations from SingFirst GE2015 rally, the first opposition rally at Tanjong Pagar in 24 years

There was a lot of cheering. From the party. For themselves.

Nyi Nyi Thet| September 06, 02:56 PM

Editor’s note: Mothership.sg called for young Singaporeans to step up and give their perspective of GE2015. The aim of such an endeavour is to provide our readers a means to view GE2015 through the lens of young Singaporeans, warts, sparkles and all.

It was a historical day for residents of Tanjong Pagar as they got to experience their first opposition rally in 24 years. SingFirst took the stand on this momentous occasion and here are the 5 observations from their rally at Queenstown Stadium on Sept. 6, 2015.


1. Initial attendance was low

This was the scene approximately 15 minutes before the start of the rally


And this was about 30 minutes after the rally started.


Better, but still sparse. Fortunately, the crowds eventually picked up as the rally went on, but for a while there, I was worried I had accidentally stumbled upon an S-League match.


2. Calling someone a mouse is worse than playing mother

The night was peppered with SingFirst candidates rubbishing claims that they were mice, turning the tables and calling the PAP mice instead. Tales of the opposition roaring and scaring the ruling party into becoming quivering mice were also met with hearty laughter.

Sukeda Singh followed up on Ang Yong Guan’s assertion at their first rally of their un-mice status, insisted that the opposition, who had fought so bravely and clawed their way into parliament were not the mice, but rather the lions.

This strange abuse of innocent mice was too much to bear for one resident who upon hearing Sukeda continue to assert once again that SingFirst consisted of “10 lions in blue” and that the PAP were white mice, shouted out “Mouse is the most intelligent”. A valiant effort but it ultimately didn’t stop the abuse of mice carrying on later in the rally, courtesy of Tan Jee Say and Ang Yong Guan.


3. They really hate the new generation of PAP (especially the three new ministers from 2011)

In addition to how the last 10 years of PAP rule have resulted in Singapore going down the drain, their leader, Tan Jee Say had a few choice words for the three youngest MP’s in the cabinet.

Lawrence Wong was criticised for failing to grow natural grass during the national stadium fiasco, and Tan insinuated that Lawrence as well as PAP’s ability was “nothing natural but all artificial”

Tan Chuan-Jin was targeted for his stint as Minister for Manpower, with Tan Jee Say accusing him of “letting in foreign workers liberally” most of them with “fake qualifications”, further adding that he was leeching off Goh Chok Tong or as an over stimulated resident so eloquently put it, “breastfeeding”.

Chan Chung Sing got slammed the hardest. The criticism of Chan Chun Sing ranged from his 18 layer kueh lapis analogy for poverty, how he ate a XO Chai Tao Kway, his lack of empathy in dealing with needy Singaporeans, and perhaps the weirdest put-down ever, when Tan Jee Say questioned whether Chan had “even won any war?”

So just to clarify, for Chan Chun Sing to be considered a success, he has to make better all-round food related choices, develop empathy, get Singapore into a war and THEN win it. I hope you’re taking notes Mr Chan.


4. If you are a fan of Lee Kuan Yew, don’t vote for the PAP

This was always going to be a tough sell, it’s like saying if you are a fan of yellow electric Pokémon, DON’T vote for Pikachu.

Sukdeu Singh cited Lee Kuan Yew’s win “in Tanjong Pagar as an opposition candidate” which followed the overall theme of what Tan Jee Say laid out about how we had two pasts “the first 40 years and the last 10 years”

Tan Jee Say went on to claim that the current PAP had violated three tenants of Lee Kuan Yew’s rule, namely the influx of foreign workers, low trust in the government (according to The Trust Barometer) and the lack of meritocracy as evidenced from Singapore’s number 5 ranking in the Global Cronyism Index.

Tan ended off with a warning for any lingering supporters of Lee Kuan Yew, “Vote out of gratitude to the father, you will end up in servitude to the son”. Chilling.


5. And finally, SingFirst debuts their much anticipated cheer

Keeping true to their name, SingFirst was the first party in this election to sing.

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The chant is a masterpiece in subverting expectations. Every time you think they might add a word that isn’t Sing or First, BAM, they just keep repeating their party name like really unambitious Orientation Group Leaders.

So was this the perfect rally to break 24 years of no opposition rallies? Probably not. You can’t help but get the feeling that a more established party like WP or SDP would have been preferred by the people of Tanjong Pagar. But that’s an unfair burden of expectation, so you SingFirst and always SingFirst, SingFirst, Sing Sing First!


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