15 quotable quotes that stood out at the first Workers' Party rally at Hougang

It is a bright start for WP's first rally.

Tan Xing Qi| September 03, 12:04 AM

The first Workers' Party (WP) at Hougang just ended and from the looks of the many photos on social media, it looked like the gig of the year.



Here's the Hougang crowd when #WP chief Low Thia Khiang speaks #ge2015 #sgelections #singapore (Photo: @weixianglimsg)

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The search for a better view and photograph (Photo: @zakariazainal) #ge2015 #sgelection #singapore #zakariazainal #hougang A photo posted by Mothership (@mothershipsg) on


Here's the crowd at Hougang listening to #WP candidates #ge2015 #sgelections #singapore (Photo: @singaporeson)

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According to the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee, there are 24,064 residents in Hougang.

The crowd certainly looks like its "Hougang core" has just faced a severe immigration problem.

Anyway, here are some quotable quotes that stood out at the rally tonight.

Yee Jenn Jong - WP candidate for Marine Parade GRC.

1. "Because Marine should be blue. Not white!"

2. "Actually they (Goh Chok Tong and Tan Chuan-Jin) are all mistaken. The rooster does not crow to make the sun rise. It crows every morning because it's morning and it's time to wake up."

3. "Four and a half years later, by the grand wisdom of a small committee of people, Joo Chiat SMC is now no more."

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Daniel Goh - WP candidate for East Coast GRC.

4." They (Goh's family and friends) told me: 'They will throw the kitchen sink at you - that one is American expression. The local equivalent is: 'They will even throw the toilet bowl at you. Everything inside.'"

5. "Life is too short and special to be kiasu, kiasi and kiakwai (afraid of ghosts)."

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Png Eng Huat - WP candidate for Hougang SMC

6. "The Workers' Party has never set up a $2 private limited company."

7. "The PAP would rather fix the opposition, than the transportation system"

8. "The PAP government is not a government of the future, but a ghost of the past."

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Pritam Singh - WP candidate for Aljunied GRC

9. "The PAP has worked overtime to ensure that a Singapore of checks and balances does not occur or make progress."

10. "Is this the future we want for Singapore or our children in the next 50 years? Ownself check ownself?

11. "AIM is a beautiful metaphor for the politics that takes place in Singapore in our town council. Residents first pay for a computer system which is then sold to a PAP-owned company"

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Sylvia Lim - Chairperson of WP and candidate for Aljunied GRC

12. "I thought the civil service only work five day week? But I received letters from Saturday and Sunday as well. They are probably listening to our speeches now. They are as good as a 24/7 EMSU unit."

13. "Many Town Councils also overpaid, including Nee Soon Town Council."

14. "Without Hougang, the Workers' Party would not have Aljunied or Punggol East."

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Low Thia Khiang - Secretary-General of WP and candidate for Aljunied GRC

15. (in Teochew) "PAP looks for a small hole and keeps digging like its life depends on it."

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Top photo by Edwin Koo

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