14 totally quotable quotes that stood out at the second Workers’ Party rally at Bendemeer

Quote 5 sounds familiar.

Tan Xing Qi| September 04, 02:00 PM

The Workers' Party rally last night at Bendemeer saw a sizeable but smaller crowd as compared to the first one at Hougang.

Workers' Party rally at Boon Keng is underway. We're guessing 15,000 to 20,000 in attendance? #GE2015

Posted by Mothership.sg on Thursday, 3 September 2015

Although the crowd size wasn't exactly the same, the rally was nevertheless littered with totally quotable quotes just like the first rally.

Frieda Chan – WP candidate for Jalan Besar GRC

1. "This (redrawing of electoral boundary) is so confusing for residents. They said: 'Wa liak bo kiu (catch no ball).'"

2. "If Serangoon can be part of Marine Parade, what is impossible in this country?"

Sylvia Lim – Chairperson of WP and candidate for Aljunied GRC

3. "Then GRCs were expanded supposedly to take advantage of economies of scale in running town councils. But they are actually being used to bring in candidates to Parliament under the protection of a minister!"

4. "And I'm so proud that the man who headed in the opening goal (Singapore beat Penang 3-2 in the 1977 Malaysia Cup final) is here with us tonight as my personal driver (Quah Kim Song)."

5. "The Sports Minister should be committing harakiri."

6. "This election we must bring the power back to the people. Send a strong message to the PAP that Singaporeans want to be free from their arrogance, their control and their threats."

Low Thia Kiang - Sec-Gen of WP and candidate for Aljunied GRC

7. "We must stop the PAP from becoming more self absorbed!"

8. "We must remind the PAP that there's a distinction between what is national interest and what is the PAP party interest. WP supporters are as loyal as any PAP supporter."

9. "We must hammer home the message that the people are the master of Singapore, not the PAP."

10. "The past is our mirror, the present is our reflection and the future is in our hands to make."

Leon Perera – WP candidate for East Coast GRC

11. "And I remember watching JB Jeyaratnam in Parliament on TV. One person debating a whole chamber of PAP MPs. One person!"

12. "For years we have been troubled by the sight of elder Singaporeans cleaning hawker centres and picking up cupboard boxes. It's troubled many of us for years. Do you think they do it for exercise?"

13. "The battle cry of our forefathers was 'Merdeka!' Our battlecry today should be 'Majulah!' Forward. Onward. Not backwards."

Redzwan Hafidz Abdul - WP candidate for Jalan Besar GRC

14. "When the PAP lost Aljunied GRC, they started listening. When the PAP lost Punggol East, they started improving. And let them lose Jalan Besar, and maybe they will start repenting."


Top photo by Catherine Sim

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