It's official: SG50 fish cake is really a rip-off, more expensive than normal non-SG50 fish cake

It shall forever serve as an emblem of what is wrong with Singapore.

Belmont Lay| July 27, 12:08 AM

Okay this really, really takes the cake.

In the previous article, "SG50 fish cake means consumers actually get less fish cake per fish cake", we highlighted how one local food manufacturer might actually be cashing in on the SG50 hype by selling SG50 fish cakes that, in reality, give consumers less fish cake than regular non-SG50 fish cake.

Turns out, the hypothesis has been proven provisionally true: It seems that food manufacturers are cashing in and profiting by selling less for more.

Another local food manufacturer, BoBo, also came up with their own SG50 fish cake, which is sold at FairPrice supermarket.


Here's how much it costs:

195g of SG50 fish cake retails for $1.50. Which means, the cost is $0.77 per 100g.

Normal fish cake, of the non-SG50 variety from the same Bobo brand, is selling for $2.15 for 330g. Which means, the cost is $0.65 per 100g.


Therefore, SG50 fish cakes are more expensive. And the extra costs can be explained as such: The manufacturer most likely had to make another machine and mould specially just to cut “50” shape out of the fish cakes and there is food wastage as a result.

Which just serves to show that the SG50 fish cake is really a rip-off and an emblem of everything that is wrong with Singapore: The intention to do something nice might be good and even wholesome, but at the end of the day, the outcome is cosmetic, and inadvertently, there might even be reason to believe it is an attempt at profiteering or a plain cashing in on the hype with no tangible benefits.

Many thanks to readers Ashley Rowe and Tay Yokesu for finding out the prices of the fish cakes.


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