Canadian-born, S'pore-raised magician Shin Lim blows Penn & Teller away on Fool Us


Belmont Lay| July 18, 04:28 PM

On the July 13, 2015 episode of British-American television programme Fool Us, a Canadian-born, Singapore-raised magician Shin Lim blew the judges and audience away with his sleight-of-hand close-up card tricks and elegant showmanship.

The magic competition show, hosted by Jonathan Ross, sees magicians perform tricks in front of Penn & Teller, the American magician-comedian duo who are also well-loved sceptics.

The objective is to leave Penn & Teller dumbstruck, so that when they cannot explain how a trick was done, the magician or magicians who performed it win a five-star trip to Las Vegas to perform as the opening act in Penn & Teller's world-famous show at the Rio Hotel & Casino.


Which the magician did, as the duo couldn't figure out how he made the marker disappear.

Check out 23-year-old's performance:

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Shin Lim is 23 years old. He picked up magic barely seven years ago. He dropped out of music university after his first year as he had to go for therapy. The doctor told him to completely lay off piano for a year and magic was easier on the fingers.


From Shin Lim's bio:

Shin Lim considers himself an international citizen. Born in Canada and grew up in Singapore. At the age of eleven, Shin has since moved and lived in Massachusetts. At the age of 16, Shin’s oldest brother showed him a simple card trick and immediately ignited a passion & drive for Shin to study the art of magic. At that time, little did we know, Shin would become one of the most influential & recognizable magicians in the world!

Within a short four-year span, Shin has won major youth magic awards & scholarships. Shin has expanded his talents by winning adult magic awards of international status, recognized by esteemed magicians & peers for his skill and performance.

Shin is constantly busy with rehearsing , performing, composing magic routines, producing commercial trailers & creating new magic for continuous sales with the largest magic distributors and magic retailers in the world.