NDP committee working with Carousell, eBay to prevent sale of future NDP preview & actual day tickets

Sellers caught will be banned from balloting for tickets in the future.

Belmont Lay | June 30, 2015 @ 11:07 pm


In the future, anyone caught selling National Day Parade tickets will be banned from balloting for them for life, according to the parade organiser.

This was after the tickets were reportedly being sold for up to S$400 at online marketplace Carousell.

Brigadier General Melvyn Ong, NDP 2015 EXCO chairman, said: “Monetising the privilege to be part of the nation’s birthday goes against the celebratory spirit of the event.”

The organiser also said that it “takes a serious view of the sale and authorised distribution of Preview and NDP tickets,” including “selling tickets indirectly by packaging them with other items”.

The sale of tickets to the preview and actual parade are prohibited.

BG Ong added: “The NDP EXCO is actively working with all sale sites which include Carousell and eBay to prevent the sale of preview and actual day tickets.”

NDP tickets are free but members of the public have to join a ballot to get them.

Previously, those caught selling NDP tickets were barred from balloting for three years.


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