10 types of durians all S'poreans need to learn how to differentiate one from the other

Because durian connoisseur.

Belmont Lay| June 23, 02:00 AM

Update, June 25, 2015: Turns out the handy cut-out-and-keep durian guide below was originally published by The Straits Times on June 22, 2015. It was subsequently stolen and trafficked on Facebook by this guy, whose posts we embedded and used for this piece. However, we have since amended the article to reflect the content's original source.


If you are one of those people who can eat so much durian until they come out of your nose, it is your duty to know exactly what you are putting in your mouth.

So, to help you out with this seemingly impossible endeavour of telling apart one particular type of durian from another, a very helpful person content-ripping thief has put up a handy cut-out-and-keep guide on how to tell different types of durians apart -- which turns out to be a guide stolen from The Straits Times here, which he passed off as his own.)

Anyways, here we go (Ah, talk about irony):


1. Mao Shan Wang



2. Golden Phoenix



3. XO



4. D24



5. D13



6. D1



7. D101



8. Red Prawn



9. Green Bamboo



10. Black Pearl


All durian pictures and info, excluding the top picture, via The Straits Times


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