Singapore Civil Defence Force bunk thrashed so hard you wouldn't believe your eyes

This is no way to "celebrate".

Tan Xing Qi| April 27, 11:29 PM

While a 60-man Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Search and Rescue team is en route to Nepal, a bunch of immature SCDF personnel were creating havoc in their bunk.

In a one-minute video circulating on Facebook, these boys were seen smoking and cursing among the aftermath of some serious wrecking.

The guy shooting this video suggested that it could be the last day of their training, which could be the reason for all the unruliness. He said:"It's the last day man. Look at the dorm. It's a ruckus!"

[video width="400" height="220" mp4=""][/video]

Bed frames were upended and litter strewn across the bunk. While the video didn't show any proof of them thrashing the bunk, a guy on the 40-second mark was throwing an ironing board all over the floor.

The SCDF wrote on Facebook that disciplinary action will be taken against those involved.


is a short video clip being circulated online this evening which depicted unruly behaviour by a few SCDF personnel...

Posted by Singapore Civil Defence Force on Monday, 27 April 2015

Many netizens were outraged while a handful of them were pleading for leniency. We think these boys should grow up.


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