Blogger Grace Tan gives her side of the story on her spat with Xiaxue

Here's the other side of the story.

Jonathan Lim | April 25, 2015 @ 10:48 am


Blogger Grace Tan, who had previously applied for a Protection Order against prominent blogger Xiaxue, has written a blog post in response to Xiaxue’s blog post on the entire incident in Malaysia.

Plane landed after midnight. I deserve a good rest after this rather exciting and tiring trip. To those who keep…

Posted by Grace Tan on Friday, April 24, 2015

Tan just returned home from Malaysia last night, after her participation at Malaysia Social Media Week, a national event emerging trends in social and mobile media.

Tan said that she had not read Xiaxue’s blog post but had ‘a vague notion of what’s in that blogpost’ after readers have sent her questions regarding it.

Tan’s response on “loose stools”

Xiaxue’s post claimed that she had ’caused Grace Tan to have loose stools’. Tan responded by saying that in her application for the Protection Order, she had deliberately “handwritten the ‘poor sleep, headaches, and loose stools’ portion as “symptoms” of my (her) being harassed, and some say, ‘cyber-bullied’.”

She said that this was so that the symptoms would be ‘impossible to miss’, and that ‘that anyone who wanted to embarrass, insult, torment, or simply, mock me would pounce on that ‘loose stools’ bit.’

Tan also shared a screenshot of a conversation she had with a reader where she stated that Xiaxue had ‘removed all the nasty things’ she has said about Tan, which was why it looked like only Tan was ‘mocking’ Xiaxue.

Xiaxue had previously produced several screenshots of Tan’s blog making comments about Xiaxue. Tan’s latest blog post did not produce any screenshot from Xiaxue’s blog.

Tan said that she withdrew her application for a Protection Order because Xiaxue ‘undertook not to make any further comments about me (Tan) after the PTC (pre-trial conference).’

Tan asked Xiaxue to remove the post 

Tan said she has emailed Xiaxue asking for her to take down the latest blog post on Tan’s protection order saga.

Tan concluded with an announcement that she “no longer want[s] be a blogger”. She wanted to be “an author, a speaker, an anti-bullying activist”.

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