This 5-room BTO is a dream home for any Marvel Fan

Not sure how the owners will react if they realise that their Avengers line-up is missing Spidey and The Vision.

Jonathan Lim| March 11, 05:28 PM

It seems that someone can't wait for the next Avengers to be out in the cinemas. They have renovated their Dawson 5-room BTO flat in the Avenger's theme complete with a S.H.I.E.L.D emblem as a backdrop for their TV.

The awesomeness can't be contained, check out the photos by the people from Absolook Interior Design:

dawson BTO avengers You'd half expect Nick Fury to appear on screen to give you a briefing in this living room


dawson BTO avengers 4 If the light fixture on the ceiling is the Avengers logo, many people will have a geekgasm.


dawson BTO avengers 3 Food tastes no good? Hulk Smash!

Here's the Facebook post featuring this BTO: