Graphics of Lee Kuan Yew are appearing online in tribute to him

Because #ThankYouLeeKuanYew.

Jonathan Lim| March 23, 12:21 PM

A great man has passed and people are remembering him in their own ways. Some have come up with creative ways and they are making rounds on the social media:

LKY Evacomics Source: Evacomics


LKY tribute 2 Image credit: Jeremy Goh

lky tribute 8 Source: A Good Citizen


lky tribute sg50 Source: SG50


LKY tribute 1


LKY tribute 4 Source: Unknown

A variant:

LKY tribute 3 Source: Unknown

LKY tribute 5 Source: Razer


LKY tribute 6 Image credit: Stez Chong

LKY tribute 7 Source: Jimmy Lee


Google Singapore also did a Google Doodle in remembrance:

lky google tribute

Perhaps the most bittersweet of them all belongs to this one by Ashley Virgilius Leong:

lky tribute 9 "Come, it's time to go."



*Editor's note: If you are the creator of these graphics, do let us know and we can credit you*

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