Conservative S'poreans totally freaking out at NUS Political Association forum about what makes a family

They confuse straight family man MP Baey Yam Keng for being pro-LGBT because of his metrosexualness.

Belmont Lay| March 07, 04:09 PM

The National University of Singapore Students' Political Association is organising a policy forum on March 19, 2015.

The topic for the evening is about "Our Families: Exploring what a family unit is to different groups". Here is the cheery description about what it will focus on:

What is family? What does it mean to be pro-family? Can the differences of what a family is to different groups be reconciled? Join our speakers as we explore the theme of "our families" in this year's social policies forum!!

The event was announced on Facebook on March 2:


The speakers will be Tampines MP Baey Yam Keng, Jolene Tan from women's group AWARE and Leow Yangfa from Oogachaga, a counselling and personal development organisation for LGBT community in Singapore.

And before anyone could say, "Ah, finally an open discussion about the family unit that is so misunderstood in Singapore for so long", out comes a group of super vocal pro-one-man-one-woman flag-waving conservative Singaporeans making themselves heard on the Facebook announcement.

One of them is taking issue with family man MP Baey Yam Keng's presence in the forum:



Another is pretty sure there is not much dialogue but pushing of agenda:



Another vocal comment provider sure sees things his way:



Another decides to use the "I am a taxpayer" argument to make his point:



If the taxpayer perspective is not enough, another called for the use of one of the state's secret apparatus to deal with a policy forum:



And then there is even an issue with the dog in the poster:



But fortunately, there is still someone who is trying to pinpoint from where did all the vitriol come from:



Following the hate-baiting comments left behind, the event organiser had to intervene with an addendum on the Facebook note to make it clear that the even is only open to NUS personnel and does not endorse a particular position and to keep things civil:

Ps: This event is STRICTLY reserved for NUS staff/students/faculty members only! Thanks for the support though [smile emoticon] Registration will be taken before the event!

Disclaimer: This forum does not support or endorse any particular group or type of family, Different groups have different views on what a family is or should be. This forum aims to allow for a healthy discussion on such matters, whatever one's view or definition of a family is.

*Please keep discussions civil! We reserve to right to remove spam/insults/uncivil discussions.

Check out the Facebook post for yourself.


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