Allegedly popular blogger Grace Tan invokes Lee Kuan Yew's name to seek court order against supposedly famous blogger Xiaxue

Which way to the circus? Let's go!

Belmont Lay| March 30, 02:28 PM

Barely one day has passed since the conclusion of Lee Kuan Yew's state funeral and at least one Singaporean has started to invoke the name of our founding prime minister to bring about a court order against another Singaporean.

Allegedly popular blogger Grace Tan -- who has 13,000 Facebook followers (much wow) -- wrote in her blog that she was cyberbullied and she is seeking to bring about a court order, believed to be a Protection Order, against Xiaxue -- who has more than 13,000 Facebook followers (more much wow).

Civilians can apply for The Protection Order as it was made possible after The Protection from Harassment Act 2014 came into effect on Nov. 15, 2014.

Tan did not provide much details of the alleged cyberbullying, but a screenshot of an exchange between Tan and Xiaxue could be found online.

Here is an example of the cyberbullying from Alvinology:


However, Tan did explain her rationale by invoking Lee Kuan Yew's name as the source of her inspiration (irony notwithstanding):

Some have asked me why I have decided not to suffer in silence like the rest of the people (or bloggers) who have been cyber-bullied. I draw strength from the words of our founding father, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who fired up Singaporeans and told us to have the “guts and gumption” to stand up for ourselves, and who always sought to make Singapore a better place. If you are being cyber-bullied or if you think you are having an ordeal, stand up for yourself and apply for a Protection Order.

Ultimately, I wish for a better blogosphere, a calmer cyberspace, a safer Singapore. I am doing this for our children, our students, my fellow bloggers, and the public in general.

Previously, Xiaxue had successfully applied and received a Protection Order against mega troll page SMRT Ltd (Feedback).

We wish both parties the best and grow up to be gainfully employed Singaporeans in a post-LKY era.


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Top photo via Alvinology

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