How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in S’pore for less than $30

It's the thought that counts. Right?

Kenny Choy | February 8, 2015 @ 03:02 pm


Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day just around the corner.

But some of us may have probably forgotten to plan for the event in advance owing to our hectic schedule. To make things worse, Valentine’s Day 2015 falls on a Saturday, which means that you’d need to go head-on with the weekend crowd.

Since I run a start-up that spies on all the worthy promotions and happenings around Singapore, I thought it might be a good idea to put together some of the really interesting ones and create a refreshing yet affordable date — all under S$30!


An Overview

The first step to saving money on Valentine’s Day is to start your day after lunch. Boom. You just saved $20 per couple.

But not to worry, there’s a fantastic day planned out ahead for you.

Click on the ‘expand’ button (top right of the black bar) to get a clearer view of the map on your mobile phone.

This is the route: It’s like a U-Turn.

First, arrange to meet up at Bras Basah MRT.

Then head down to Singapore Art’s Museum, and subsequently, cross the street to the National Museum of Singapore.

Then proceed to Sunshine Plaza, which is just around the corner.

Thereafter, take a nice romantic stroll to Orchard.

Lastly, end off the date with a bang at Gardens by the Bay.


1. Get into the arty scene to show that you are like, very sensual

For our first romantic stop, drop by the Singapore Arts Museum.

The APB Foundation Signature Art Prize Exhibition is returning for its third edition and showcases the works of various finalists from across the Asia Pacific region.

singapore-arts-museumYes, you may need to climb stairs.

What better way to show your date that you’re someone who appreciates fine Art? The best part: Admission is free!

Check out the exhibition here.


2. Take pictures at the Singapore National Museum

After the exhibition, saunter over to the National Museum of Singapore to take some photos!

Here are some amazing photos that were taken with the museum as a backdrop:

spore-national-museumSource: Visual effects are not available during phototaking at the museum.

The arts museum is often used as a backdrop for many photoshoots. Since you’re already there, why not pose for some photos or take some selfies?

Then you can cosy up to each other! What a great way to get acquainted.


3. Cool down at Merely’s Ice Cream

As it must be really warm after all that activity, what with getting to know each other and the accidental brushes against each other’s arm, you can consider bringing your date to Merely’s Ice Cream at Sunshine Plaza for some good, cool fun!


Last time we checked, a double scoop is only $5. Show your date how sweet you are by bringing her for some desserts. Share an ice cream. Exchange some bodily fluids.


4. (1-for-1) Movie Date at Shaw Theatre, Orchard

If a double scoop ice cream isn’t enough to cool you down in the sweltering Singapore heat, why not bring your date for a movie? Just take a romantic walk to Shaw Theatre nearby.


Make sure you bring along your Safra card so you can enjoy a 1-for-1 movie deal at Shaw Theatre. Ahh, to all the guys (or some girls) out there, finally a decent reward for serving the country.

Check out the promotion here.

A helpful tip: Find out what movie your date might like and grab those tickets before you meet them at Bras Basah. The promotion is valid for the first 1000 redemptions per day only!


5. Dinner Plans

Instead of taking your date to some fancy expensive restaurant, why not make your own bento? It’s definitely a refreshing and romantic way to impress your date.

The easiest bento to make takes only 20 minutes and can put it together with half a brain.


You might want to check out the list and its accompanying recipes from here.

Two caveats: 1) This is meant to be a surprise (which means we won’t count this into the S$30 cost), and 2) the food may be cold.

So all you got to do is be as discreet as possible (we’re sure you know of many methods to do so), and try put the food in a “keep-warm”/airtight bag that will help to best insulate the heat. Still, this is something worth a try especially if you’ve not done so before!

Without further ado, head towards Orchard Central Roof Garden for a beautiful view to enjoy your dinner. It’s on level 11 and 12! This is where you will kiss.

orchard-central-roofSource: Chic place and gorgeous view. Who says you need to pay for a good scenery?


6. Catch The Sam Willows and 53A at Gardens by the Bay

Still have time but don’t know what else to do? Still got the hots for each other after so much palpitating action? Go on to Gardens by the Bay and listen to our local indie band The Sam Willows and 53A do their covers.


Do note that their performances are at 7pm and 8pm respectively. You can take bus 106 from Orchard Central that gets you to your destination directly.

Check the event out here.


7. End it off with a bang

To end off the very special night, there will also be a fireworks display at the same location: Gardens by the Bay.


Ignite your romance and be treated to a breathtaking Valentine’s Day fireworks display together with the signature Garden Rhapsody. What better way is to end off a wonderful date?

This is where you kiss her again.


8. The Gift Idea

The final question is: What do I give my date then? As promised, here is an affordable alternative for you to consider.

The Workshop Experiment designs really awesome Valentine’s Day cards.

They are giving all readers a $3 discount on all purchases this Valentine’s Day!


They even sell intricately hand-made and/or beautifully customised cards.

Definitely a date-pleaser.

Check out their promotion here.


9. The Importance of Small Gestures

To top it all up, remember the fact that small gestures make a big difference.

Guys, be the perfect gentleman. Girls, be the sweet lady that you are. Smile and make it a day to remember 🙂

For couples, here’s what we recommend: Give your significant other a massage.

Yes, a massage to ease the stress and tension (literally). Relax and get in the mood. It is said that a massage can have deep and long-term effects on your relationship, and even help to improve the quality of your connection!

Let such gestures brighten up your Valentine’s Day, and make it one to remember for ages.

couple-massageSource: For couples on their first date, best to make sure you guys are comfortable with each other first. We don’t want things to get awkward, do we?

With so many things to do, don’t say that you have nothing planned for Valentine’s Day. Go out and have a blast!

Again, you don’t have to thank us, because at Sqkii, we just love giving!

Still sceptical that you can do all these under $30? Here’s the breakdown.

Musseum – Free Admission

Ice Cream – $5 onwards

Movie – $12

Concert at Gardens by the Bay – Free Admission

Hand-made card – $12

Total: $29*

* Excluding bento dinner


Additional editing by Belmont Lay


Top photo via

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