During Chinese New Year, Channel 8 newscasters become the most versatile reporters in S’pore

Must report, must write, must look good, must sing. #baosuabaohai

Tan Xing Qi | February 16, 2015 @ 06:49 pm

Most reporters in Singapore probably have gone through some form of journalistic training, but for these merry bunch of Channel 8 reporters, they probably have to attend music school too.

For they have to appear coherent and not tone deaf while churning out hits like these:



After year.


After year.


After year.


This year.

cny news anchors


And for many many more Chinese New Years to come.

Yes, not only must they report on the hard-hitting news and human interest features, they have to sing their hearts out every Chinese New Year too. 

That’s not the sound of crashing cymbals, it’s the shattering of their journalistic ambitions.

Talk about hard-earned money and #baosuabaohai.

Communications students harbouring dreams of being hard-line journalist breaking Watergate-esqe news need not apply. The only thing you will break is your journalistic ambition.

Although they are not the typical Fann Wongs or Zoe Tays, they do know how to work the camera too. Check out these three hot news anchors who have been steaming up the Chinese New Year music videos for the longest time:


Zhao Quan Yin

Who has a edmw fan page dedicated to her.

zhao quan yin


Tung Soo Hua

Who has been hawt since the TCS days.

tung soo hua


Wang Zheng

Who is always hot because of the evening sun news.

wang zheng


And since many of their employees have left Mediacorp, may we suggest that the anchors of Channel News Asia do the same. Perhaps cut a CNA Christmas album or something. We are pretty sure they are as versatile as their Channel 8 news counterparts.

Otelli Edwards

otelli edwards


Chan Eu Imm

chan eu imm


Glenda Chong

It will definitely break the sales records if it’s an All-Star music video.


Andrea Chow

andrea chow


Yvonne Yong

yvonne yong

Who can really jive to the music.

yvonne yong


Diana Ser

diana ser


Lisa Ang

lisa ang


Time to step up, guys.


All gifs from EDMW.

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