Another blogger fight breaks out in S’pore, this time involving Wardrobe Trends Fashion

Sorry? Who?

Belmont Lay | February 2, 2015 @ 12:49 pm

Are you ready ladies and gentlemen? Because you can try to be.

Here is the latest online fight breaking out in Singapore:


You ought to be scratching your head, going, “Who? What?”

So, here’s the long story short: Local website/ blog/ fashion thing called Wardrobe Trends Fashion has been accused of creating fake writers to up head count and look all snazzy and buying Likes on social media.

Wardrobe Trends Fashion Twitter has an excess of 600,000 followers, which is more than The Straits Times and Lee Hsien Loong combined.

Check out all the stock photos that substituted for writers.

Before exposé:

WardrobeTrendsFashion original


After exposé:


They even added a disclaimer:

*Disclaimer: Some of the writers in our team below are ghost writers, of whom have faux photos and names to front their persona. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Who’s doing the poking

The Facebook post poking holes at Wardrobe Trends Fashion’s credibility is by Bryan Chow.

From what we can gather, he is married to the woman who runs, a TV thingy that is on the Internet featuring things that are sometimes funny, such as Old People Giving Dating Advice.

Wardrobe Trends Fashion is run by Herbert Rafael Sim, 28, who was recently featured in The New Paper in late December 2014 as one of the top social media influencers sort of thing and he has a lot of followers to boot because he is like, so, influencer.


So based on this conversation alone, we can sort of guess why this is going down: Herbert Rafael Sim is more or less accused of being a charlatan and because is occupying the Internet space and this kind of exposé will weed out the wannabes from the has-beens? I don’t know?

But Herbert Rafael Sim was quoted in the TNP article as saying pretty boldly:

Asked if he buys Twitter followers, Mr Sim said he does not.

Instead, he welcomes a Twitter “purge”, similar to the one Instagram recently underwent, where accounts which post links and spam – especially bot accounts – were deleted.

“We hope that Twitter will do a cleanup as well. We follow many people as well, and we can’t really tell for sure if some of their followers are real or not.”

The WTFSG team in Singapore comprises seven people, including Mr Sim and his fiancée, Ms Vanessa Emily, who is its editor-in-chief.

Will this episode go down as another Xiaxue vs Gushcloud? Will it blow up?

Stay tuned.


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