Chan Chun Sing's reaction after hearing he could be the next labour chief

Minister Chan Chun Sing in GIFs.

Martino Tan| Tan Xing Qi| January 24, 04:05 PM

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has agreed to NTUC's request to allow Minister Chan Chun Sing to serve in the labour movement.

Minister Chan will work at NTUC immediately on a part-time basis and on a full time basis from April 1.

In a letter to NTUC, PM Lee said that he is confident that Chan will make a "positive contribution" in the NTUC.

Minister Chan told his FB fans that he was "humbled by this opportunity to serve the Labour Movement" and would build on the foundation established.



We imagine Chan's reaction when PM first acceded to NTUC's request.

At first, I was like: "Cannot lah, I'm too full from all the work at Ministry of Social and Family Development."

chan chun sing stomach

I don't know enough about the labour movement and have to learn from Labour Chief Lim Swee Say.

chan chun sing shake

But it's probably not as problematic as running the Workers' Party.


Yes, it's gonna be tough to attract and represent the PMEs in future.

chan chun sing tug


chan chun sing nod

And I didn't kee qiu for it.

chan chun sing kee chiu

Okay, I did when Labour Chief Lim asked the union leaders to "kee qiu" yesterday.

I wanted to tell PM, "mai lah, mai lah".


It's like asking me to be Peter Schmeichel.

chan chun sing football

Never mind, I will take NTUC to greater heights!


I'm gonna grab this opportunity with both my hands.

chan chun sing grab

I'm strong!

chan chun sing biceps

And I can dance.

chan chun sing dancing

Seriously, I can dance.

chan chun sing balloon

I will be flexible like a dancer to improve labour conditions!

chan chun sing chicken dance

And you shall see that I'm doing it for the greater good.

chan chun sing hail

And everyone will benefit from this, I assure you.

chan chun sing nod 2

I will be drumming my way to success.

chan chun sing drum

Don't worry, everyone. I've got this.

chan chun sing thumbs up

In a recent interview, Labour chief Lim hopes that his "future Sec-Gen will have a heart, stronger than my heart, a head stronger than my head, and a pair of hands stronger than my pair of hands".

Growing up in a single-parent home, Minister Chan spent his entire life in the public service before entering politics. His time at the Ministry for Social and Family Development (MSF) would have prepared him well in tackling the issues faced by low-income workers.

Moreover, Chan could connect with workers in English, Mandarin, dialect and Malay.

In Minister Chan, Lim may have found an ideal person to lead the labour movement to greater heights.

But he must first win over the union leaders in the upcoming elections at the NTUC National Delegates' Conference.

We wish Minister Chan and NTUC all the best.

Sources: GIFs taken from Spuddings, EDMW and

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