10 totally S'porean Christmas gifs (No, it's not a typo, it's not supposed to be gifts)

Why send a boring card when you can add animation?

Jacqueline Wong| December 23, 01:18 AM

So I was on Mothership the other day when I came across this article:


GIF IDEAS!! I was understandably very excited. To me, GIFs are like the Kahlua + Baileys upgrade to my regular coffee. Can you imagine my disappointment when I found out that it was a list of gift ideas instead? Pfft.

So because I am sure that many of you were similarly devastated when you opened the link to see a bunch of non-moving images, I have come up with 10 DIY CHRISTMAS GIF IDEAS to share with you.

Because you know, the Christmas spirit is all about sharing.


#1 Generic boring Christmas-themed card


We all need one of these to give to boring people who get confused when too many things move at the same time. Perfect for your friend who got motion sickness while watching Lord of the Rings.


#2 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer card


Because everyone likes Rudolph. Including all the reindeer who didn’t like him in the beginning. Some of us even try emulate his red-nosed look on a regular basis.


#3 Christmas Tree card


This card is wonderful for your family members who took part in the activity of buying that fake plastic tree which is taking up 90% of the space in your living room now.


#4 Fireplace card


I actually have not seen a fireplace in Singapore. Not even in Ikea. But based on the amount of American media I consume, I believe that fireplaces are like the City Hall of Christmasses – everyone is willing to gather there before moving on to better activities and greater stuff.


#5 Text-Based card


Some of us are not very good at drawing have friends who are not very artistically inclined and hence are unable to make out any drawings that they are presented with. When it comes to friends like these, it’s safer to just give them something typed out. Don’t waste your time on them. Your brilliant hand-drawn masterpieces will be better appreciated elsewhere.


#6 Santa Hat card

Everyone always likes a card with people wearing Santa hats! I could have made one with me in a Santa hat. But I decided that I have enough pictures of me in random headgear. So I decided to PhotoShop some Santa hats onto these guys.


I think they are too important to do frivolous activities like keep an arsenal of fancy hats in their wardrobe. And also too busy to buy PhotoShop hats onto themselves. So I have done it for them. I hope they like it.


#7 Snowman card


There is no snow in Singapore. But still people are asking me if I want to build a snowman. I’m confused, but I made this card because the song is stuck in my head. Anyway, you can send this to your friends who also are under the impression that it is possible to build a snowman without snow.


#8 White Christmas card


This card goes out to the realists who dream about having a white Christmas instead of insisting on asking every one they come across to go out and build a snowman with them.


#9 Wish you were here card


Some people always insist on not participating in your group’s Christmas activities. Because it’s their hamster’s birthday, the one-year anniversary of their vacuum cleaner, or their grandmother died for the 5th time in a row. If you have pretend friends like this, please send them a “wish you were here” card. Make sure you look as happening as possible in order to make them feel as sad and dejected about their lives as you can.


#10 Grumpy Cat Card


Because we all know a Grinch who wants to spoil Christmas. And also because staring at all these GIFs in PhotoShop has made me very hungry and there is no food at home.



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