10 lines from PM Lee's PAP conference speech that'll ignite the GE fever

Over to you, Workers' Party.

Martino Tan| December 07, 09:50 PM

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who is also the Secretary General of the People's Action Party (PAP), addressed about 6,000 cadres at the party's 60th anniversary rally today (Dec 7.)

In a rallying cry, he urged his PAP cadres that the next General Elections (GE) will be a "deadly serious fight" and compared every seat to be a "national contest, not a local one".



Guess all the PAP folks will be doing this after his rallying call.



The next GE must be held latest by January 2017. But these 10 lines from PM Lee's PAP conference speech would probably ignited the GE fever among Singaporeans: 

1. Hint to PAP cadres that GE's near: "This will likely be the last Party Conference before the GE".


2. Poke the Opposition: "The next GE will be a deadly serious fight...It will be about whether we continue to have a First World Government, not about First World Parliament (which has turned out to be an empty promise)".


WP chief Low Thia Khiang and his call for a First World Parliament during the last election.


3. Poke the Opposition some more: "The Opposition does not see any duty to bring people together, solve problems and plan for the future. Every time we put out a popular policy, they say 'Do More'".


4. Poke the Opposition even more: "The opposition tells people: Vote for me so that I can check on the PAP, and make the Prime Minister and his team work harder...for every one more “checker” we have in the Parliament, there will be one less “doer, thinker and leader” in the Government, to serve the nation, to serve the people".


5. Poke the Opposition more more more: "When we face problems, we acknowledge them publicly and deal with them. We do not pretend that there is no problem. We do not lie low, hoping that the public will forget and the issue will pass go away".


6. Remind everyone about PAP's rich heritage: "So when he (Lee Kuan Yew) launched the PAP in 1954, the unions were firmly with him...The Pledge was first proposed by Cd Ong Pang Boon...it was drafted by S. Rajaratnam... and polished by Lee Kuan Yew, our founding leader".




7. Urge the PAP cadres to be partisan: "Some mean well, and we must engage with them and persuade them to make common cause with us. Others try to mislead voters, and will lead Singapore into trouble, and those we must counter, expose and defeat".


8. Countering the "check on government" argument: "Eventually, there will be no PAP to check, no able team of ministers working and solving problems for Singaporeans, no progress for Singapore. That will be the last check, because it will be checkmate for Singapore!"


9. The PAP is indispensable: "Only the PAP is bringing different groups together. Only the PAP is solving problems and planning for the future. Only the PAP is putting forth a vision for Singapore...No other party does it better than the PAP!"


10. Define the next GE: "The next GE is about choosing a clear vision for Singapore, a capable leadership for Singapore, and a brighter future for Singapore."


Top photo from People's Action Party Facebook page.

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