The SIA cabin crew song will make Mao Zedong proud

The cabin crew song is really a thing.

Belmont Lay| November 16, 05:11 PM

You might have heard people talk about it or mention it in passing. You might even have egged your air stewardess friends to sing it to you after a drink or two.

But there is always a tinge of embarrassment about belting it out loud even in the polite company of friends.

Regardless, make no mistake, the Singapore Airlines cabin crew song is really a thing. And there's something socialist about it. Here's how some parts of it go:

The world can see, we've come a long, long way

We'll have to work, to stay ahead today

And even more, we know we must improve

We have to learn, to keep us on the move

Let's step into the future, let's do it all with style

We're proud to be a part of the Singapore Girl smile

[Men voices only] We're Singapore Airlines,

[Ladies voices only] Singapore Airlines

[Men voices only] We're Singapore Airlines,

[Ladies voices only] Singapore Airlines

We'll do better everyday and be the team that shows the way

Cos we want everyone to say,

We're a great way to fly

There is no context to this following training video where the crew are belting out loud. But if anyone has a clue why the air stewards and stewardesses are singing barefoot, do let us know.

Update Nov. 16, 2014, 5.20pm: Apparently, singing the cabin crew song is a routine and it has to be sung every single morning for at least the first two months of cabin crew training. Training is typically four months long.

The subtitles for the video is also wrong at one point: Instead of "Singapore good smile", it should have been "Singapore Girl smile". And there is a bit of a gender bias here, because obviously the air stewards are singing this line too.

Check out the song:


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