S'porean guy budget-travelled Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador for 76 days for S$6,126

Total costs of accommodation is merely S$784, or about S$10 a day.

Belmont Lay| November 03, 02:14 AM

Seeing the world without breaking the bank is all the rage these days for worldly Singaporeans who are too young to settle down but too old to go on holiday with mommy and daddy.

Hence, another Singaporean -- this time a guy, Hendric Tay -- has put up a blog post chronicling his travels across South America in 76 days.

The aspiring entrepreneur who is into lifestyle design covered Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, and even made it to the Galapagos Islands for a grand total of S$6,126.


In his detailed blog post, this is Tay's breakdown of costs:

Transport: S$2,398

Activities: S$2,257

Accommodation: S$784

Food: S$648

Party: S$89

Although it is not surprising that the total transportation costs, inclusive of air tickets, made up more than one-third of the bulk of his budget, accommodation is surprisingly cheap for more than two months of travelling at about S$10 a day.

Here is the way to save on accommodation, according to Tay:

That said, long distance busses will usually be the cheaper option. Take the more comfortable overnight buses, so you can save on both accommodation and time since you’ll be sleeping.

And he recommends staying at hostels, which have better conditions than what many people think.

With all that money saved, he could spend it on gliding around:


Getting drenched:


Riding a horse:


Drifting down the Amazon:


He even made it to Brazil to watch the World Cup match with the South Koreans:


You can check out his video summary here:

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