S'pore no SIN city: Forum writer

He's right. We don't have a Jessica Alba.

Tan Xing Qi| October 06, 01:33 PM

In another instance of a slow news day (you must have noticed how thin The Straits Times is today), forum writer Andrew Choo Ming Sing wrote in to complain showcase his ability as champion grumbler.

What's eating him inside? The letters "SIN", which are used by Singapore in sporting events and air traffic.

Describing his feeling of seeing "SIN" emblazoned across our Asian Games athletes as "bittersweet", he opined:

"Sports and travel are two of the most visible platforms through which we project ourselves to the world. 'SIN' is the word projected when we make a name for ourselves on these platforms."

But he conceded that Sin cities of the world are rather famous/infamous:

"Sin cities of the world are well known, for better or for worse."

Since Singapore is no sin city and to uphold the purity of the nation, why not use something else instead? He added:

"We should consider adopting the less-used (but not lesser) code 'SGP' instead of 'SIN'.

He had hard truths for us:

"'SGP' is, after all, the United Nations' country code for Singapore. Indeed, the Internet domain designation for Singapore is '.sg'. Furthermore 'SGP' corresponds to the syllables that make up the word 'Sin-Ga-Pore'".

Why not adopt 'WIN' so that we will always win? Or 'TOP'. Or 'SEX', which means Singapore is an EXpensive city (what are you thinking of?). There, no more bittersweet feelings.

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