Pink dolphin at Underwater World Singapore has skin cancer

That's why there is a big gaping hole on its head.

Belmont Lay| October 27, 04:51 PM

Underwater World Singapore has issued a statement confirming that one of its sickly-looking pink dolphins is suffering from skin cancer.

This clarification from UWS is in response to concerns raised by a local wildlife groups, Wildlife Watcher and Sea Shepherd Singapore, about the welfare of the pink dolphins.


Of particular concern is a female dolphin called Han, which had a "visible head and mouth injury with skin problem".


Investigators from Wildlife Watcher and representatives from global environmental group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, bought tickets to attend two shows in July and August.

The wildlife group then released a lengthy 31-page report detailing other concerns, such as rusty enclosures and dolphins being made to perform unnatural acts. The findings have been forwarded the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) and Haw Par Corp, which manages Underwater World Singapore, in early October.

UWS' spokesperson statement from The Straits Times on Oct. 27, 2014:

"Health checks are conducted regularly and the results show that, apart from the cancer, which is being specifically treated, the dolphin is generally in good health," she told The Straits Times.

The pink dolphin is now being treated by a marine mammal veterinarian.


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