No idea what to buy before enlisting for NS? Someone wants $79 for helping you.

Care for soldiers begin before enlistment.

By Jonathan Lim | October 28, 2014

Enlisting soon and have no clue on what you should bring on your first day to Tekong?

Some guys have spun a business idea out of this worry.

Dubbed the NsCarePackage, this box is chock full of things that kiasu parents would love to buy for their enlisting children.

The package is one way to ensure recruits will not be begging their platoon mates for help on day 1 of BMT.

So what’s inside?


Check out their promo video:

Is the package worth $79?

Most of the items can be bought from the Army Market or eMarts for less, spending $79 may not make sense.

In fact, you can buy some of the items with eMart credits (Camo cream, garters, ear plugs). Other items like toothbrushes/nail clippers/shavers/hangers are probably lying around at home.

But for the truly lazy/time-starved/rich Singaporean, maybe plonking $79 doesn’t seem like such a bad deal.

Hopefully the kiasu parents will just stick to the contents of the package and not load their kids with more stuff like cup noodles and bak kwa.


Top photo via NSCarePackage Facebook

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