Major turbulence on SQ flight from Singapore to Mumbai is reminder to always wear your seatbelts

Where will you be when turbulence strikes?

Belmont Lay| October 20, 01:33 AM

Singapore Airlines (SIA) Flight SQ424 from Singapore to Mumbai was hit by sudden major turbulence during descent on Oct. 18, 2014, resulting in eight passengers and 14 crew members injured.





Mumbai news portal reported that the incident occurred at 10.15pm. The flight was scheduled to land at 9.55pm.

There were 408 passengers and 25 crew on board. Injuries to the passengers and crew resulted after the aircraft touched the runway twice.

Singapore Airlines said in an official statement to the media:

"Our immediate concern is for the well-being of our passengers and crew. Singapore Airlines will provide full assistance to the authorities in their investigations."

Bangalore Aviation reported that 10 out of the 14 crew injured required hospitalisation, but have since been cleared and discharged by medical personnel.

Bangalore Aviation quoted SIA as saying in an Oct. 19 report that six out of eight injured passengers were hospitalised and have been discharged after examination.

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