S'poreans travel to JB for movie of the year

Because watching films is the national pastime.

Tan Xing Qi| September 20, 08:35 PM

Instead of celebrating the crown jewel of the F1 calendar,  hundreds of Singaporeans chose to celebrate the movie event of the year in Johor Bahru yesterday (Sept.19, 2014).

Tan Pin Pin's To Singapore With Love was earlier banned or in MDA parlance: “Not Allowed for All Ratings” because the contents of the film "undermined national security". The documentary features interviews with exiled political activists who fled Singapore in the 60s and 70s.

It was, however, screened at the 11@Century Hotel in Johor Bahru.

They chartered buses and braved the toll fees just to support Tan's work.


The pioneer generation...


The too cool for censorship people...


Crammed into this old school bus stop


And the auditorium was so packed, many had to sit on the floor.


Well done, Singaporeans


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