13 teachers we all met in Singapore classrooms

How much do teachers make a year? They make a difference in our lives. That's what.

Jonathan Lim| August 29, 06:52 PM


Love them or hate them, you can't deny that teachers play a big part in shaping us during our formative years.

They come in all shapes and sizes; their personality quirks and idiosyncrasies also leave the deepest impressions in our young impressionable minds.

Here are 13 types of teachers we all probably crossed paths with:


1. The star sticker-giver

Ever encouraging with stickers in your homework assignment, the star-giving teacher is probably the teacher who will also give rewards such as awesome pencil cases and stationary for good performance.


2. The teacher who likes to make the adult world sound more scary than it is

This is the teenage version of "You must behave, if not the Mata will come catch you." They will say things like "if you don't study hard, you will have no future next time."

They mean well, since school is probably the most carefree time of our lives and we won't listen to them anyway.


3. The teacher who uses students as cheap labour

Carrying 40 exercise books for your teacher wasn't so bad since it allowed you a peek into what goes on in the staff room. But then you realise something is wrong when they start asking you to help carry stuff into their cars ... and changing their tires.


4. The old-school Chinese-educated Chinese teacher

These teachers were scary. They find it thoroughly unacceptable that Chinese students do not have a perfect grasp of the Chinese language.

They come from an era where the teacher was THE LAW. This also explains that some of them are also belong to the following type:


5. The one who yearns for the return of caning by teachers

Times were simpler when teachers were respected by students and parents as an authoritative figure.

It also helped that they carried the threat of being able to whoop your ass anytime you step out of line.


6. The P6 form teacher who replaces PE lessons with PSLE revision classes

Not sure if the teacher really wants us to score A* or just too lazy to conduct PE lessons...


7. The young and hot trainee teacher who we made cry

Yup, we won't get bored, but we won't really retain what was taught as well.


8. The teacher who plays favourites

We all hated the teacher's pet, except when we're the pet, of course.


9. The teacher who receives the most Teachers' Day card

Teacher's Day cards were probably the only way for students to give visible feedback to show which teachers were doing it right.


10. The teacher who sees through your excuses and lies

They seem to know when you really need to go to the toilet or when you just want to sneak out of class for a short while. How do they read us so clearly!?


11. The old tiko teacher who should get together with the old bitter spinster teacher

There's always that old male teacher who lets his eyes linger a split second too long. And there's that old single teacher who we unfairly think is single because she's a mean person. They should date.


12. The teacher who inspired us to greatness

We all have that one teacher who still has a dreamer in him/her. They are unafraid to share that zest for the unknown with us and, in turn, inspire us to chase our dreams.


13. The hardworking under-appreciated teacher we all love

Even though they get in our hair every day and cut short the time we have for fun, every teacher work their butts off to make a difference in our lives.

Thankew cher!


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