Survey finds quite a number of S'poreans are backstabbing foodies in the office

Some people will give up friendships for promotions.

Belmont Lay| July 08, 05:44 PM

Professional network LinkedIn conducted a [email protected] survey with 1,000 workers in Singapore and the results released on July 8, 2014, are telling.

The new study found that

- 51.6 percent would at least consider sacrificing their friendship with a colleague for the sake of getting a promotion

- 22 percent had an ulterior motive for socialising with their fellow colleagues, thinking it would help them move up the career ladder (Millenials, those aged 18 to 34, were most prone to this sort of thinking with 40.9 per cent confessing to such intentions.)

- 25.1 percent prefer a manager of the opposite sex

- 20.4 percent said having friendships with colleagues made them even more competitive

- 80.8 percent talked about food as a workplace conversation topic and

- 68.3 percent eat lunch with colleagues on most of their work days, compared to the global average of 54.1 percent.

- 35.5 percent had a work mother/ father

- 17 percent had a work spouse

- Singapore is second least likely in Asia to report that they had never dated anyone at work before, which means that 66.4 percent had dated someone at work before


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