Dick Lee's 2004 Life Stories concert clip is still awesome to watch in 2014

This might change the way you look at Dick Lee if you're seeing it for the first time.

Belmont Lay| July 27, 01:48 AM

A short 10-year-old clip of Dick Lee performing at his two-day 2004 concert is making the rounds on social media in 2014.

The reason? Probably because the songs still resonates a decade later. Or more likely, because people find the humour and mood timeless.

This wildly politically incorrect portion of Lee's Life Stories 30th anniversary concert still packs a punch when it is watched today.

Lee said and sang some really funny things in Singlish and dialect, including an introduction he made before belting out one of his numbers:

"And while we're on our national language, why not national song? Some of them are nice, the ones I write, but some of them are just crap."

He then proceeds to sing a spoof version of Count On Me, Singapore, taking a jibe at the patriotic government-endorsed song by Hugh Harrison, a Canadian, who was also commissioned to write other all-time beloved Singapore patriotic songs throughout the 1980s, including Stand Up For Singapore and We Are Singapore.

Oh, the irony of national songs written by a foreigner.

And talk about great timing and irony: In 2005, the following year after this performance, Lee was recognised for his artistic contribution and given the Cultural Medallion Award.


Watch the clip here:

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If you enjoyed the first clip, this is actually the first part where Dick Lee made up words to other famous songs:

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