Graffiti on Block 85 Toa Payoh flat: How to properly report this news in S'pore

Right amounts of censorship will do the trick.

Belmont Lay| May 07, 05:50 PM

On May 7, 2014, the third-year anniversary of the General Election 2011 where the ruling People's Action Party lost a GRC for the first time, this happened.

What actually happened:

Source: Khairil Twitter

Unvarnished reality: The exterior of Block 85 flat at Toa Payoh has been vandalised. Clearly, the vandal is not a ruling party supporter.


How it was reported in the media

STOMP: Excessive amount of censorship applied to protect PAP brand name

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Treat PAP as a bad word as well. Censor the message at all cost.


Channel News Asia: Use the cropping technique

Click on image to go to source

Give an excuse that "Picture was cropped due to vulgarities".


Today: Appropriate amount of censorship applied to convey restorative work is in process

Source: Today Facebook

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Don't show the original message but convey to the public all is well. Subtly and literally whitewash everything without looking like the message is meant to be concealed.


How it should have been reported

Best amount of censorship to protect PAP brand name:

Selective censorship to show The PAP [LOVE SYMBOL] SG.

Okay, all is well then.


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