MP Fatimah Lateef goes all vigilante on seedy Geylang

MP Fatimah Lateef's frustration with the authorities shows that she is one of us, after all.

Martino Tan| April 01, 07:36 AM

Last week, police chief Ng Joo Hee said in the Little India Committee of Inquiry (COI) hearings that there exists a hint of lawlessness in Geylang.

Marine Parade GRC MP Fatimah Lateef, the MP in charge of Geylang, is not happy with the situation.

In fact, she is so frustrated with the tardiness of the authorities to act that she decided to do what most Singaporeans do nowadays: Complain on Facebook.


Source: Fatimah Lateef Facebook


Here's a summary of her lengthy, ranty post.

1. She had hundreds of hours of meeting the police and agencies and are still waiting for their "CONCRETE actiion plan". (Cue the caps and the additional i for impact)

2. She had even done grassroots patrol on her own, "at least twice a week or more if required".

3. In fact, she was doing her part to keep Geylang streets safe. She recalled an incident that she alone was able to scare off a man selling contraband cigarettes and wait for the arrival of police to investigate. 

4. She is okay for prostitution in Geylang to continue, but those acts must be "SYSTEMATIC, CLEAN, INDOORS, ORGANISED, REGULATED PROPERLY". (Caps again for impact)

5. She is still waiting for "the relevant authorities to ACT in a major way, in a major clean up" Geylang. (Caps again for impact)


Her post, which was shared on the Hardwarezone Forums drew some interesting comments and perspectives:


Is it all about the money?


Navigating politics and working with the authorities is tricky, even if you're an MP.


Of course there are some who saw the lighter (pun alert!) side of things.


Walk around Geylang in the day and indeed you see many things out of the norm for Singapore -- uncles peddling dubious-looking pills, ladies standing on the streets with umbrellas seemingly waiting for taxis that will not come.


Always a possibility for more drama. First from Little India, then to Geylang, and then back to the Kallang-Moulmein folks.


As the Chinese has a saying, , literally translates to one needle sees blood, or meaning hitting the nail on its head.


Anyway, look at how she handles the state of lawlessness of her Facebook page. Wow.

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