17 little things in primary and secondary school we took for granted

Awesome things we miss that we will never experience again.

Sally Ong| January 03, 06:06 AM

Life in the university as a minion versus life as a primary or secondary school student is just not the same.

It's more fun to be little.


1. No group projects, only xi zi (Chinese writing practice) and homework

pri school exercise books


Now our project group mates can drive us really crazy.

Especially when our groups are pre-assigned, and we have to stay over in school just to finish our projects.

flip table Gif via


2. We could wear FBTs to school, and FBTs to town after school so long as we are wearing a Primary or Secondary school PE shirt as a top.



Now we stress over whether we have to dress formally for presentations, and we actually have compulsory classes on grooming.

Here’s what presentations now feel like:

fashion runway Gif via

Bright FBTs versus formal wear. Obviously life was much more colorful back then.


3. Affectionate old school terms. What Chairman or President? I am the monitor/monitress!

monitor Gif via

They wielded way too much power.


4. Low ankle socks made us feel really good. Because wearing high socks makes us a laughing stock, and we also had to hide our colored socks. 

ankle socks Photo via

high socks

See, this wouldn't work, would it?


5. We still had art, music and PE lessons to look forward to.

recorder Photo via

PE lessons


Because they're “slack” compared to Additional Mathematics or Chemistry classes.


6. We were more creative. Now we need classes like Creative Thinking.

converse Photo via

Proof #1: Buying Converse shoes with red and black lines to bypass the “white school shoes” rule. And then draw or write song lyrics on them with black markers.


neck hairband

Proof #2: No necklace? I wear my hairband on my neck.


7. Classic entertainment on the first day of school: when freshmen wear high socks and button their top collar.

nerd Gif via

Just -

tumblr_inline_mn1rptNv3T1r0fpej Gif via


8. We used to appreciate the little things. 

tumblr_mxeid0abvr1s5pq6bo1_500 Gif via

Like being able to dye our hair all sorts of colors after O Levels.

Okay actually we still appreciate the little things now. Like more sleep please.

new-girl-sleep Gif via


9. We got free haircuts when our hair touched our eyebrows or the collar of our uniform on spot check day.

chewbacca Adapted from

Because every guy dreaded the trip to the school barber, the queue was short. Now we queue all the way to the bus stop for welfare from our University during exam week.


10. Assignments used to be nothing. 

Adapted from

Now we burn consecutive nights of midnight oil to finish just one assignment.


11. DIY gifts on Valentine’s Day, left on our tables. 

no time fo dat Photo via


12. Actual holidays/public holidays.

Now we think of internships and the make up classes on weekends. Holidays in University, really?

tumblr_mu9cmzrEGT1s70zzbo1_500 Gif via

13. When we were actually happy with our stalls in the canteen/tuckshop, even though we had to eat the same thing everyday.

Now we go: “Koufu, Kopitam, again?!”

cartman Gif via


14. No presentations. Just show and tell. 

underwear-dance Gif via


15. School used to end officially at a civilized hour, before 2pm.

tumblr_mribqrdPaM1sf9q6bo1_500 Gif via


16. We used to be the creditors and bugged our relatives for donations to fill up our school’s NKF or Sharity donation card.





Now when we see our friends fundraising in school:

tumblr_inline_mpd5hbhY3b1qz4rgp Gif via


17. Everyone listened more and talked less back then.

Especially during Listening Comprehension.

stunned-silence-gif-4 Gif via

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