How Marina Bay Sands casino added insult to underage prostitute’s injury

The eventual beneficiary of sordid earnings was the casino.

By Mothership | September 21, 2013

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While in China, the pimp’s sister lured the teenager to the city of Zhuhai. The pimp drugged the minor with methamphetamine, or Ice, and had sex with her.

If she refused to have sex, he would beat and threaten her.

He locked her up for more than a week in a fifth-floor unit in Zhuhai when she initially refused to come to Singapore to work as a prostitute. She knew at that time the pimp already had other girls working for him.

She hurt her waist when she tried to escape and was caught by the pimp and his sister who threatened to harm her and her family. The pimp’s sister also threatened to splash acid on the teen’s face.

On May 16, the pimp and the girl flew to Singapore. He held onto her passport.

Two days later, he took her to Geylang to start work. The pimp would stand near her whenever she was soliciting to act as her lookout and help find customers.

Her earnings were used to pay for rent, expenses and his gambling.
A 37-year-old man who forced a teenager to become a prostitute in Geylang, has pleaded guilty in court yesterday to four out of seven vice-related charges.

He had initially wanted to claim trial.

The court heard that in mid-May this year, the pimp, Tang Huisheng, had flown the 17-year-old here to work as a street walker in Geylang. She serviced about 100 clients who paid about $60 on average.

In total, she earned about $9,000 from providing sexual services on about 150 occasions over 15 days.

But he took all the money.

On June 1, after Tang saw the girl arrested by the police, he went to Marina Bay Sands casino.

Over the next four days, he cashed in a total of $19,100 and lost $18,300. Half of that amount was from the prostitution earnings.

He subsequently moved his return flight home to Guangzhou from June 10 to June 5 and was arrested on his way to the airport.

Tang has been in remand since June as he could not raise bail, which has been doubled to $30,000 after he pleaded guilty to the charges. He will be back in court on Oct. 2.

To date, 13 of 24 men charged with having commercial sex with the minor have been jailed between 11 and 12 weeks each.

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