How to spend $10 million making an English album that won’t be released

And predict that it will make $32 million in total.

By August 28, 2013

[quipbox float=”right” boxcolor=”000000″ boxhead=”Budget for Sun Ho’s never-released English album”]

Wyclef Jean’s production fees
$2.12 million

My Right To Love You (Unreleased)

Gone (Unreleased)

What Kind Of World (Unreleased)

One Day You WIll (Unreleased)

Producers/ side artists
$2 million

Music video
$1.27 million

Album promotion
$1.4 million

Additional budget required
$2.54 million

Tas Steiner Public Relations (Oct 06 to Dec 09)

JH Management (Oct 06 to Dec 09)

Total: $10 million

More than $10 million.

That’s how much was spent on making one album that was supposed to launch the career of Sun Ho — City Harvest Church co-founder Kong Hee’s wife — in America.

This was the sum that was made public in court this week in the criminal trial of six City Harvest Church leaders who are charged with misusing church funds.

The prosecution had been trying to show that Xtron — the former management company of Ho — was a puppet company controlled by City Harvest Church. The $10 million figure was retrieved from a board meeting minutes of production house Xtron.

Minutes from Nov. 24, 2007, showed the approval of an additional budget of $2.54 million to get some popular song artistes from USA to be involved in the album.

Some of the people Ho was to work with, or whose marketing budgets she was benchmarked against included Beyonce, Shakira, Wyclef Jean and Missy Elliott.

Xtron directors expected that the album will sell between two to three million copies and paid for Ho’s travel expenses. She continued to fly business class to promote her album.

The total expected net profit over seven years (from 2008) from album sales, performances and other related revenue streams was predicted to exceed $32 million.

However, the album was never produced.

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