6 suspects most likely to be Rockson Tan

We're guessing anyone (or none) of these six could be Singapore's most straight-shooting political comedian.

Martino Tan| August 29, 10:48 AM

Rockson Tan is back! The popular faux-Ah Beng anonymous blogger, who kept a low profile over the past two years, blogged yesterday about ex-City Harvest Church finance manager Serina Wee. The post was his first this year.

Rockson was most active during the General Election 2011, when he provided expletives-laden satirical commentaries of Minister of State Teo Ser Luck, MP Tin Pei Ling, Nicole Seah and YP Chairman Cheo Ming Shen.

His identity is still unknown.

However, here are our top six suspects who could very well be Rockson Tan:

1) Mr Brown


Photo Source: KinMun Theodore Lee Facebook

Reasons why he is Rockson Tan: Mr Brown (Lee Kin Mun) is the original funnyman online. He is old school funny like how Rockson Tan is old-school funny. Both still use the blog to communicate. The blogfather of Singapore is the author of www.mrbrown.com, "which has been documenting the dysfunctional side of Singapore life since 1997". He is a regular on Twitter, just like Rockson.

Possibility: 9/10. We do not have many online funny men in Singapore. And Rockson writes too well for an Ah Beng.


2) Xiaxue


Photo Source: Xiaxue

Reasons why she is Rockson Tan: A blogger since 2003, Xiaxue (Wendy Cheng Yan Yan) is one of the most popular online personalities. She is also known for her opinionated comments and vulgarities (just like Rockson).

Possibility: 2/10. Xiaxue was in the news last year for exposing male commenters who made derogatory remarks about her and other women.  She is unlikely to pass such remarks on other women, like how Rockson does.


3) The editors of New Nation


Photo Source: New Nation

Reasons why they are Rockson Tan: Known for their satirical take on current affairs, the three editors founded New Nation in Dec 2011. Rockson only published two articles after New Nation was founded. Maybe Rockson is now busy with New Nation?

Possibility: 7/10. Mothership checked with one of New Nation's editors and he refused to take our lie-detector test.


4) Ms Sumiko Tan


Photo Source

Reasons why she is Rockson Tan: Sumiko Tan is the Associate Editor of Straits Times and "oversees the online team and ST's branding programmes". The Carrie Bradshaw of Singapore coincidentally shares the same surname as Rockson Takumi "Tan".

Possibility: 3/10. Unlikely. If she has a brother, his name might be Takumi.


5) Ryan Tan and Sylvia Chan of Night Owl Cinematics


Photo Source: Night Owl Cinematics Facebook

Reasons why they are Rockson Tan: Ryan and Sylvia are the directors of Night Owl Cinematics. Their tongue-in-cheek local parodies has garnered 59, 072 subscribers and over a few million views on Youtube. They have a pet called "Ah Ma". Rockson Tan also has a horse.


Possibility: 5/10.


6) Jeremy Au Yong


Photo Source: Jeremy Au Yong Twitter

Reasons why he is Rockson Tan: The assistant political editor of Straits Times is not funny in his Jay Talking column. Maybe he is saving his best on Rockson's blog. 

Possibility: 0/10. He is not funny. Period.


Featured Photo: Rockson Tan Twitter