5 board games that are actually addictive

Step aside Monopoly, because you are not very addictive.

Jonathan Lim| August 15, 10:36 AM

Besides infidelity and matricide, one other reason why familial relationships turn sour is because of board games.

Board games have traditionally been called "bored games". And they have been the source of arguments and break downs.

But look past this stereotype, and what you might find are colourful pre-packaged boxes providing hours upon hours of glorious fun.

Sort of.

Monopoly, Risk, Cluedo and Game of Life are too vanilla? Yup. Here's some other board games you can find in Singapore that will give you the best times of your life.

Sort of.

1. Ticket To Ride

Ticket To Ride Ticket To Ride

What? You need to compete for scarce train cards and routes. Like as if you are not having to compete enough for scarce space on the train already.

Why is it addictive? Ticket to Ride has been billed as the ‘Monopoly of this generation’. Sounds ominous, no? Well, it's different. Players connect railroad routes via collecting train cards. Players score points by completing routes and having the longest route. The winner is determined by points.

And that's a big deal. Because there's actually a winner.


2. The Resistance

The Resistance The Resistance

What? Back-stab, lie, trust no one, complete/ sabotage missions. As if there wasn't enough of that in the office.

Why is it addictive? Perfect for easing non-board gamers into the flow of things. The goal is for the good guys to win missions, while bad guys -- who are pretending to be good guys -- are trying to sabotage the missions.

Can potentially break friendships and destroy mutual trust among friends. Fun.


3. Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Galactica

What? Steer the Battlestar Galactica to Earth whilst trying to stop traitors on board the ship. Steer?

Why is it addictive? Expect lying and backstabbing fun. Based on the sci-fi series of the same name, this is a co-operative board game. Players try to fly the space ship to Earth. Of course, to make things exciting, a player or two will always try to be the traitors trying to mess things up. We all have a friend who is naturally like that.


4. The Settlers of Catan

The Settlers of Catan The Settlers of Catan

What? Out-strategise your opponents by picking the right territories and building the right structures.

Why is it addictive? As settlers, you collect points by controlling territories and resources to build structures. You win when you have the most points. Best part? The board can be re-arranged every game. That means more randomness. And your friends will think you are very hipster for playing this game.


5. 7 Wonders

7 Wonders 7 Wonders

What? Choose resource cards from a limited pool to build your Wonder while trying to deny your opponents of those resources. Prettiest Wonder with most points wins. I Wonder why anyone will play this?

Why is it addictive? Build a structure/monument that would eventually qualify as a fictional wonder of the modern world. This board game is unique as there is no direct interaction between players as they go about building their own Wonder. But players' actions will influence the outcome of the game. So that's like playing together but not really together? What?

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