In the final lesson of the semester, a class of Republic Polytechnic School of Hospitality students sprung a surprise on their lecturer by dancing for her.

A Feb. 10 video showed the class of students and their routine:

Their teacher, Teeny Teh, had in January showed up to class in a bunny mascot — with her husband in tow decked out in the same costume — as they danced to K-pop girl group 2NE1 song I Am The Best:

The student, who organised the surprise for the lecturer, wrote:

We tricked her into thinking that only 5 students made it on time for lesson while the others were late. Little did she know that the entire class has put up a special performance just for her!

Teh had previously showed up to class as a chicken mascot, as she explained why she did so in a Republic Polytechnic video:

She said the lesson for her students is to put themselves out there in terms of marketing, while having fun and getting the results.

Evidently, they did.


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