Sending a strong message that cycling is a competitive sport that matters more than life itself, a cyclist was caught on camera doing the Tour de France by himself on Jan. 28 in Sembawang.

The video shot from a dashboard camera shows the cyclist treating traffic rules as mere suggestions when he

– rode behind a lorry at close range
– rode on the right most lane
– overtook moving vehicle in middle lane
– cycled in a circle on road to taunt driver for supposedly honking at him

According to traffic rules, failing to cycle on the left hand edge of the road that does not obstruct vehicles moving at a faster speed is already a violation.

Anyone with information on such incidents can file a report with the police at any Neighbourhood Police Centre/ Post (NPC/NPP) or online via the ‘E-FEEDBACK ON ROAD USERS’ portal.

Traffic violations can also be reported via the I-Witness portal.

Original videos of traffic violations recorded using in-vehicle cameras can also be submitted as evidence.

All information will be kept strictly confidential.


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