While Singaporeans are still wondering if they are going to stick with the official English pronunciation of Eunoia (Yoo-Noh-Iea, according to the Ministry of Education) or the closer to heart Singlish one (You Know Ah, according to the Interwebz), someone on Facebook has pointed out that Eunoia’s pronunciation in Greek is actually Ef-Ni-Ah.

Here’s the Facebook post:

So apparently. Even MOE got the pronunciation of Eunoia wrong. It should be yoo-noy-uh and not yoo-noh-iea as MOE…

Posted by Kelvin Koo on Tuesday, 29 December 2015


In case you cannot see it:

kelvin koo eunoia

Apparently, Eunoia comes from the Ancient Greek word εὔνοια. It combines εὖ ‎(eû, “well, good”) and νόος ‎(nóos, “mind, spirit”).

εὖ in Ancient Greek, and ευ in modern day Greek, is pronounced as Ef according to IPA phonetics.

So we’ve got a third option of calling Eunoia Junior College F-你-ah Junior College.

Inter-JC sports events are going to be so interesting hurhurhur.



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