So you think you’ve seen it all? Here’s one that will blow you right out of the water.

In a music video heavy on echo and entertainment value and light on actual substance and talent, a pensive-looking guy sings about his CPF money.

Not sure who he is? Here’s an introduction:

His name is Arthero Lim and is contesting in Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC under the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) ticket.

Decked in a SDA-green polo tee, Lim proceeds to traumatise/ confuse several uncles at the void deck of a Toa Payoh HDB block to the tune of a popular Taiwanese ditty.

This uncle is like, “Whut”.

arthero lim 1

This uncle is like, “Are you even for real?”

arthero lim 2

Come to think about it, who cares when it was shot?

Arthero Lim 林廷 Of SDA Pasir Ris / Punggol GRC.Vote SDA!

Posted by HaoHao Rao on Thursday, 3 September 2015


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